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Apprentice Electrician

Dense Comfort Solutions
Dense Comfort Solutions
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Enid, OK, USA
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Job Summary

An apprentice electrician will work with a licensed electrician and will perform any duties that are instructed. The apprentice will help the licensed electrician to install and maintain electrical systems. When repairs are needed, the apprentice will carry these out. The electrician will install wiring and will measure, cut, and manipulate the wiring to fit a certain context, such as receptacles, switches, transformers, or distribution boxes.

The apprentice may also be involved in answering emergency calls, so it is extremely important to be able to work under pressure while observing the necessary safety procedures. The work done may be in a commercial or residential environment. It is important to be able to use hand and power tools in order to perform the duties of this job. Safety rules should be observed, as relating to company policy or general regulations. Strong communication skills are important, in order to work well with other electricians and to maintain good safety practices. After performing a job, the apprentice electrician will be expected to clean up the area where work had been done, so as to leave it as it had looked prior to performing any work.

Responsibilities and Duties

Assist Journeyman with the following duties.

  • Installs and repairs electrical wiring, systems, and fixtures in buildings.
  • Installs conduits and pipes to house electrical wires and cables.
  • Ensures piping complies with electrical codes.
  • Installs circuit breakers and other electrical hardware and connects wiring to them.
  • Connects electrical systems to powerlines to provide electricity to the building.
  • Tests electrical systems to ensure proper installation and operation.
  • Inspects electrical systems to determine whether repairs are needed.
  • Replaces conduit and wiring as needed.
  • Replaces circuit breakers as needed.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Skills

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Completion of a relevant apprenticeship.
  • Valid state license that permits you to practice as a journeyman electrician, if required.
  • Appropriate certificate or degree will be advantageous.
  • Good arithmetic skills.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills.
  • Observant and thorough.
  • An active listener with top-notch verbal and written communication skills.
  • Physically fit and capable of carrying up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to work in constricted areas.

Company Benefits and Perks

  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield(Company pays half of employee premium).
  • Dental & Vision.
  • $25,000 Life Insurance paid for by company.
  • Accident insurance provided by Colonial Life.
  • Employees are paid weekly, on Friday. Direct Deposit only.
  • 401(k) eligibility begins after 1 year of service. Company matches 100% of first 4% of employee contribution .
  • Paid time off(6 paid Holidays).
  • Education, licensing and certification paid for by Dense.
  • Company uniform. Dense pays half.